Apple pushes back to 2018 the release of its HomePod speaker


The release of this new product from Apple was to take place just before the holidays. But the HomePod will not be ready in time.

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Apple is close to the Christmas season to launch one of its new flagship products. The company, which had planned the marketing of its homePod connected speaker in December, finally decided to postpone its release early in 2018, according to information sent by a spokesman to English media. “We’re excited that people are discovering HomePod, Apple’s revolutionary wireless speaker for the home, but we need a little more time before it’s ready for our customers. We will begin the launch in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia in early 2018. “, says one side of Apple, without giving more details on the reasons for the delay.

A highly anticipated product
Introduced last June at the Apple Developer Conference (WWDC), the HomePod was one of the most anticipated ads. Apple is coming a little late on the market for smart speakers, where Amazon with Alexa and Google with its Google Home are already a step ahead. Like its competitors, the HomePod responds to various voice commands from information collected on the Internet, can give the weather, set an alarm and control some domestic equipment (heating, air conditioning …). But it is especially in the field of music that Apple has wanted to distinguish itself. The HomePod is primarily a rather high-end connected speaker, priced at 349 dollars (295 euros). “We really think it will open up a new dimension to listen to music at home,” said Apple boss Tim Cook.

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Since that announcement, many companies have also unveiled connected speakers that focus on sound quality, such as Sonos. The company threatened by the arrival of these “smart” speakers marketed the end of October the Sonos One, sold 229 euros and caable to offer a compatible audio system with Alexa, Google Assistant and even … Siri, the three voice assistants from Amazon, Google and Apple.

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